There are some truly amazing people out there that walk this earth and Dana Olsen is defiantly one of

Every bride plans out their perfect day as they reserve all of the must have that lead up to that final “I Do” moment. Dana spent an ample amount of time preparing for her wedding that was originally dated for January 16th, 2016. No bride ever really actually thinks about those special plans of theirs falling through the cracks. Well the unthinkable happened to Dana when her wedding was cancelled and the only explanation that was given was “The groom got cold feet.”

A Good Deed Done Right!

With the wedding date being just around the corner and it being too late for her to get her money back, she followed through with the wedding reception and wedding-receptionallow figured “If I can’t enjoy this day, then someone should.”

And it was at that moment that the plans of the reception went through and the homeless from a¬†shelter called Mary’s Place was able to enjoy a night they will surely remember forever. It takes a really kind person to take something this devastating and turn it into something positive for someone else.

A Sad Day Turned Around!

MarysPlace-imageWhile others enjoyed what was supposed to be her special moment, Dana decided instead to spend a quieter day, hiking 6 miles to the Pacific Crest Trail with her dad. Dana’s mother, Karen Olsen and her former bridesmaid spent their whole day continuing to put the whole thing together for the less fortunate by finishing up the centerpieces and making sure everything went just as planned.

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