It was only about a week ago that the Florida House passed a bill regarding the statewide regulations of use the use of app based ride sharing such as Uber and uber_taxi_imageLyft. Just this past Monday, a subcommittee approved the proposal that would put in place a regulatory standard in Hillsborough County.

Majority leader Dana Young believes this bill is in dire need for the unique structure of the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission.

Within these new regulations it would require the drivers to have a certain amount of insurance coverage as well as set up a separate permitting system. Though the bill was passed, the fight for these standardized regulations are yet from over. The bill still has to go through another subcommittee before it even gets the privilege of being on the House floor and then the Senate.

The executive director of Hillsborough County, Kyle Cockream stated he can’t speak for the committee but that the group has stressed the need for Florida_House_imageregulated insurance that covers the driver, the passengers and 3rd parties, background checks on drivers as well as required mechanical checks on the vehicles.

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