When you hear of a hurricane that is on it’s way you must be prepared for the worst. Preparation is the key to surviving and being comfortable during a hurricane.

What To Stock Up On Before The Hurricane

Do not wait until the last minute to get prepared for an upcoming hurricane. Before you know it, stores will be completely emptied out of all of the essential supplies needed to sustain a hurricane. Do not know what you should be shopping for in preparation of a hurricane. Check out our well put together shopping list of must have products and the reasoning behind each item.

  1. Cash – ATM’s and credit card machines run off of electricity. Depending on the severity of the hurricane there is a good chance that the electricity will go hurrican preparation photoout causing it to be impossible to get cash or even use your debit or credit cards. So make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to get your cash out of your bank.
  2. Battery powered flashlights and radios-Make sure you invest in plenty of battery powered flashlights and radios. If the electricity does go out, you want to be able to not only see but also stay informed on the progress of the hurricane.
  3. Duct Tape – Before the hurricane is close you will want to make thick X’s on your windows to prevent glass from flying and hurting someone in the event that it breaks due to flying debris.
  4. Water – You need to be prepared for your waterline to not be working. Stock up on drinking water. Also fill your bath tub up with water so that you can flush your toilet.
  5. Batteries-Stock up on batteries as you may be using your flashlights and radio for the entirety of the hurricane
  6. Food – It is important to have enough food for 2 weeks as you never know the severity of the hurricane until it hits. Remember if the electricity goes out you will not be able to use a microwave or cook on the stove or oven so buy things that you can prepared without those things like tuna, granola bars, nuts, crackers, peaches, bananas. You may also want to buy paper plates and plastic wear as there may no water to wash dishes.
  7. Formula and Baby Food-Make sure you think about others in the household as well. If you have babies in the house stock up on baby food or formula.
  8. Medication – Make sure that everyone in the family has any medications that they need, enough for a 2 week supply.
  9. Cell Phone – Make sure your cell phone is fully charged at all times that permits electricity.

What To Do And How To Prepare For A Hurricane


  1. Stay informed – Make sure your radio is tuned in to the local new station at all time so that you can be informed on what is going on outside.
  2. Stay away from windows – Keep all children and animals away from the windows.
  3. Keep little ones occupied – Make sure you keep the little ones busy to keep their mind off of the scary hurricane. It is a good idea to have board games or coloring books available.
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