Miami Beach is known worldwide for their over the top partying and club scenes. Their alcohol sales are through the roof, especially with the convenient side walk cafes and bars in the area but all of that could soon come to an end. At the Miami Beach city commission meeting on April 15th, 2015, mayor Philip Levine proposed banning outdoor alcohol sales within the city after 2:00am until 8:00am. The mayor expressed his concern with the commission in saying that “Ocean Drive is turning into a terrible place that’s become a blight, a cancer that spreads to our entire city.”  He compared it to that of Bourbon Street!

Outcome of the ban proposal

As of Tuesday May 20th, 2015 the alcohol-drinks-photocommission has approved this ban prohibiting the sale of outside alcohol past 2 a.m. however, customers will still be allowed to dring inside restaurants Official did address the big events such as the super bowl and said that there will be exceptions. This ordinance goes into effect on May 30th and any businesses that do not comply will be fined. Near by outside restaurants stated that they do not see how this is going to help clean up the beach. So vacationers if you’re going to South Beach to party the night away be prepared to see a “last call for alcohol”.

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