Chalmbers Miami Heat GameWhat’s making Mario Chalmers shoulders ease up a bit? The pressure is off, he no longer has to sweat about being the team’s starting guard. Being a reserve is like a vacation for him, “I get to see the game, see where we need a spark,”  Chalmers said. “I see the game differently, Where I can have the most impact.” Coming off an 18-point game Sunday night against Dallas Mavericks, the laid- back atmosphere has done wonders for Chalmers, it was his fourth double-figure scoring game of the season.

Has for Dwayne Wade this season there seems to be an extra skip to his step and smile on the court. Now, we’re not saying the Heat’s shooting guard was miserable, he’s just no longer moody. Why you may ask? Well, for any player they’re happiest when they have the ball in their hands, and since LeBron James left the Heat that’s exactly what he’s been getting.  After the amazing game against Dallas, with a  victory of 105-96, we think it’s what Wade has done with the ball in his hand to take the Heat near the top of the Eastern Conference. Heat trails only the Toronto Raptors (6-1) for the spot in the conference, and the Heat beat the Raptors in a close game on Nov.2 107-102.

Dwayne Wade Miami Heat

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Heat Game Schedule

Miami heat basketball schedule 2014-2015


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