ABC News Video Breakdown Of Donald Sterling

Oh how racism takes head and rightfully so! When have seemed to move past racist connotations and torment, but we guess not. Owner of the L.A. Clippers, Donald Sterling was recorded during a conversation with his “Lady Confidant,” making derogatory comments about black people. Now, Sterling is claiming is defense but the NBA world is not having, nor are people in general. In the video above from ABC News on Sterling “now” conversation, some believe it was all planned for his defense. During this video Sterling makes comments like:

“You think I’m a racist? You think I have anything in the world but love for everybody? You don’t think that! You know I’m not a racist!”

“It breaks my heart that Magic Johnson, a guy that I respect so much, wouldn’t stand up and say, ‘Well let’s get the facts. Let’s get him and talk to him.’ Nobody tried. Nobody!”

Donald Sterling And Lady Confidant Stiviano image

The Repercussions Of Bad Talk

Sterling is currently banned from his role as owner and possibly lose everything all together. Mrs. Sterling, however is fighting for the right to keep it all. Team members and people are not foreseeing this happen, but instead perhaps ban them altogether. As Mrs. Sterling hasn’t had the cleanest record either.  Needless, to say this will probably be a continual battle. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @wowlimousine. What it looks like for now is NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who is the former Citigroup chairman and the current Time Warner chairman and CEO Richard Parsons, will be the CEO, as the Clippers’ ownership is in its current situation. Stay up to date with us at Wow Limousine!

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