Quite frankly, it depends on your mood! We are serious! Wow Limousine has noticed different types of groups have different types of moods, taste, or ideas for their night. Each option, or the final option is the conclusion of their thought for what they want their night out to be. Call the team at 203-909-6310 and get the right limousine to fit your mood! There is no harm in that and you shouldn’t go unnoticed on your night out – be the star!

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What Do You Want In A Limo?

Everyone is different, some like black interiors others like grey. Some NEED a huge big screen TV and a dancing pole, so they will choose the Connecticut Party Bus limousine. It can fit up to 50 people and has every amenity one can ask for. Not to mention being a serious party on wheels.

Others may want a super cool LEAR-jet door to get in their limo with, so they choose the Cadillac Escalade limousine. It has light grey interior and all around luxury settings in every way.

Night Out Wow Limousine picture

Want Something A Little More Bad A**

Why not right? You know when you drive by those really cool Hummer vehicles and just say, “I have to at least see what it is like, just once?” Well that is why most folks opt for the H2 Hummer limousine from Wow Limousine. It looks killer from the exterior and the interior. While it comes FULLY equipped, you also have the option of getting it in white and red! All you have to do is a call on of Wow Limousine reps at 203-909-6310 and ask away. See if it is available number one, get the cost of your “night out mood limo” and then – have a blast!

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