wow limousine party busWe know you’re excited. It’s Friday night, you and your friends are ready to party and celebrate the start of yet another weekend with Wow Limousine. It’s very important to make sure you know who’s is inspecting the party buses.  Unfortunately accidents happen for instance the case of Angie Hernandez she died after falling out the window of a party bus in Portland, she was only 11 years old. Although ruled an accident investigators on scene still asked to see to see proper identification and valid permits to operate in Portland coming to the conclusion that the driver did not have a valid commercial driver’s license nor a permit to operate in Portland.  Resulting with that the city suspended the owner of the party bus, Five Star Limo, from doing business.

Curiosity burning with Koin 6 news, they wondered if there were still party buses operating within the city. Passing off as a customer, and calling Rose City Limo after they advertises a 15- passenger party bus. Rose City Limo called back, and when the customer couldn’t pay with a credit card they asked to leave $200.00 cash in a home located in Beaverton. Dropping off the money they then received an email that stating the remanding balance was to be picked up when the driver arrived

Now, an “out of service” was issued by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for Rose City Limo on April 15 after not responding to calls that were for a federal safety inspection that is required yearly.

The out of service didn’t stop Rose City Limo from trying to keep their business alive. An “out of service ” means that the carrier may not operate with this the agency then revoked the company’s US Department of Transportation number on October 15th.

Limos, towncars and party buses, which are vehicles for hire operating in Portland must be inspected once a year, also companies must display their permits on the windshield and on the rear of their vehicles and all drivers much undergo background checks. Officials stated Rose City Limo’s PARTY BUS WAS never permitted by the city of Portland nor  inspected.

Inside the party bus there were music and lights a very party like atmosphere.  Once those doors closed KOIN 6 News crew realized that they could feel wind rushing in and that one of the doors didn’t shut all the way. When asking the driver, Michael, he was honest and told them he didn’t have a city permit to operate the party bus , but did have one for his city limousine. He also came forward that he didn’t have a commercial license.  Continuing on that he didn’t agree with Portland’s permit process and rantsisnide Wow Limousine Escalade on with

“It doesn’t promote safety. That’s more like capitalism,” he said. “It’s all about money. It doesn’t promote safety. I mean, I never had any issues whatsoever with a permit, without a permit, with insurance, without insurance, with Portland’s permission, without their permission.

“Ultimately,” he continued, “the person who owns the business, the drivers I mean, the insurance is there to back me up in case something happens.”

After this KOIN 6 contacted the Portland Bureau of Transportation about this, and the city will take action after speaking to Dylan Rivera. PBOT this issued another fine and enforcing it! John Meeke owns JMI Limo Service and heads up the Oregon Livery Association, which represents other limo owners and operators. They have a simple solution, he said, to enforce the rules: tow or impound a vehicle. “That would probably do it,” Meeke said, “but that hasn’t been done yet. PBOTs Rivera said the bureau is open to suggestions.

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When calling any limousine company make sure to ask if they’re permitted to work in the city you’re in, that drivers are given extensive background checks along with having their commercial licensing. With Wow Limousine you never have to worry every vehicle is inspected yearly and follow all guidelines to operate in Connecticut, and New York, and South  from our own sedans for simple airport transportation to the exotic limousines and our own party buses. Wow Limousine wont hesitate to answer any of your questions you can call and speak to a representative now (844)969-4400

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