It’s that time of year again Halloween approaching everyone’s planning their night of fright out. If you’re flying in and want a good scare, or you’re just a native looking for the best spots to make your heart stop and goosebumps crawl on your skin these are some of the places that might do the trick.


Scream Park

pure-terror-haunted house3

With 5 huge haunted houses; Trail Of Terror, Phobia, Terror In The Dark, Sanitarium Terror, and House Of The Dead. Two miles of terror, and best makeup artist around bringing your worst fears to life. Can you make it the whole two miles out alive?

The Only Scream In Town

5 amazing attractions under one roof, you’ll have no where to hide and everyone can hear your scream. With the Big Top Terror is a maze full of twists, turns, and dead ends can you find your way to the top? Don’t forget to visit the Abyss Family’s Parlour what will you do when you’re on 3,000 square feet of terror and the lights go out?


Nightmare On Wolcott Street


This terror is right in Waterbury,Ct. In the darkest hours and the kids are all tucked in what really is left in the dead of night?  Find out with these 55 rooms; it will have you jumping out of your skin.Watch out for chainsaws, eery music that will give your a heart a run, and live actors you wont know where to turn. Watch out you never know which room you’ll enter. It may be your last.


The Yankee Pedlar Inn


If you want something scarier than a staged haunted house why not visit a real one? Go home and tell your friends you survived sleeping in a truly haunted Inn. The ghost of a old grey hair gentleman has been seen roaming the halls in a a black suit checking in at the pub and using the phone. Maybe you’ll actually spend a night here where spirits have been reported climbing into bed with the guest.

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