Uber Driver Arrested For Kidnapping a Drunk Woman Passenger

Wow Limousine has to first start off with how important it is to trust in your limousine company and trust WHO you are getting into the car with. You don’t just go into any private car service and think it is will be okay. Apparently, a very drunk woman hired a car service through Uber and found herself the next morning in a hotel room next to him. Unaware, if rape actually happened the driver admitted to taking the woman to a hotel because she had no idea where she lived. Los Angeles police said Tuesday that Frederick Dencer, 32, was arrested on the suspicion of apparently kidnapping a 26-year-old drunk woman with the intent to sexually assault her claims the Los Angeles Times. However, he admits to fondling her but never rapping her.

What is Uber?

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Uber is an American venture-funded start-up and transportation network company based in San Francisco, California. The app, mobile application software, connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ride-sharing services. Uber arranges pickups in dozens of cities around the world. However, with the arrest of an Uber driver for supposedly kidnapping this woman in Los Angeles has heavily alerted fears regarding the safety of traveling in vehicles hired through the popular car service company. I mean why wouldn’t it? That is a terrifying story.

When it comes time to hire a limo service for your trip or event, you really need to know who you are working with. Research the company and it’s history. Wow Limousine services have been in business for over seven years and continues to grow and be trustyworthy. Representatives are personal and safe and are available around the clock at 203-909-6310 just any case for any situation. Yes, apps and the Internet has become a major part of our society and the concept of getting things quickly is always of urge, but we need to remember that being aware is the most important part.


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