Obama Speech At The Tappan Zee Bridge

CBS New York shares its video of President Barack Obama on Wednesday at the Tappan Zee Bridge. He admittedly made his speech concerning the need for Congress to insert billions of dollars in the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The whole concept is set to keep Americans working and encourage businesses to stay, so implementing more infrastructure within this area and growth will hopefully ensure and employ more American’s.

Transportation in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and nation wide is incredibly important.

The Tappan Zee Bridge needs a serious up haul, and so do most bridges and transportation systems.  During, Obama’s speech he openly noted the congressional Republicans have been blocking funding that is meant to compensate, monetarily wise, for modern highways, bridges and seaports. No falsehood there, Republicans have blocked Obama on pretty much everything.

What Officials Are Saying

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They have basically warned that the funding for the federal Highway Trust Fund will run out by the fall. What does that mean? It will put 112,000 active road and bridge projects and 5,600 transit projects at risk, along with close to 700,000 jobs – great. Obama urges the public to get aware and congress to get on board. His bottom line point it said during his speech:

“So the bottom line, Tarrytown, is America doesn’t stand still. … So I’m going to keep on fighting alongside all of you to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to rebuild America – not just rebuild one bridge, but I want us to rebuild every bridge. I don’t want us to just rebuild one school, I want us to rebuild every school that needs help.”

We as a general public need to take action among a lot of things, and realize if we do not become more aware and more active – it can be your grandparents, parents and even you out of a job. Limousine and car service companies in CT feel the effect too, not only from national standpoint but more or less hitting home. Passengers are usually unable to drive themselves due to horrible driving conditions, and/or massive traffic, especially in the Tristate area. Simply trying to get around has been more of a headache than ever before, making the option of reserving a private car service has become first in thoughts.


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