Hummer Limousine Styles

The Hummerzine is just one of the many luxurious Hummer limousines out there! There are different styles and looks you can go for. Wow Connecticut Limousine offers the 18 Passenger H2 Hummer Super Stretch Limousine, which is Connecticut’s most luxurious and opulent Hummer limousine around.  It services not only CT, but New York, New Jersey, Boston and more. With creative minds coming together, aesthetics for Hummer limousines can come with major surprises.

Different colors, usually are white and black, are commonly seen. However, new looks are always under development:

Zebra Hummer Limousine image

Zebra Style Anyone?

H3 Hummer Double Tire Super Stretch Limousine:

H3 Hummer limo photo

H3 Hummer Double Tire Style

Opt in a silver grey color, the H3 Hummer with the triple tire in the back adds a little more edge the the fully equipped Hummer limo.

Color Aficionados:


CT H2 Hummer Lighting System picture

Teal Magic!

Pink Panther Hummer limo image

Even Comes in Pink!


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