Connecticut limousine is always up to par with making our limousines comfortable, luxurious and well equipped for our passengers. Our limos and cars have LED lights, surround sound systems and up-to-date accessories for any traveler but are we going ‘under water?’ Not just yet, however U-Boat Worx, the Dutch manufacturer of submarines, has announced its C-Explorer 5, an underwater limousine.

 Connecticut Limousine and the CE5 Underwater Limo image

This bad boy seats up to four travelers at a time and has a battery life of up to 8 hours, giving an option of an upgrade for 16 hours. The batteries are actually high-powered lithium-ion and in case anything may go wrong U-Boat Worx’s CE5 can maintain the limousine and its passengers for 96 hours. It’s also a pressured limousine service tank, which can go underwater at approximately 1,000 feet and can speed up to 3 knots. Has LED lighting, air conditioning, and has a remote control device for some extra exploring.

CE5 inner engine workings photo

Limousines transportation services, to and from the airport, and now underwater, have grown in their development and look to cater to all individuals. The CE5; however is gearing towards resorts and very comfortable individuals as it is worth $2.4 million. Not being up every ones ally of course, it is still pretty amazing. Connecticut limousine services, although not an underwater vehicle, still provides the up to par needs for travelers and will keep on doing so.

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