When someone says the word limousine, I typically think of a shiny black town car with its mid-section stretched two car lengths; but this image doesn’t necessarily reflect the standard limo anymore. In fact, with the industry taking a leap over the past decade, and car companies breaking out of their molds, limousines have been coming in all sorts of styles. I did a little research, and found a few of the most popular (and interesting) limos on the net.


Fifteen years ago, you couldn’t watch a music video, or even turn a street corner, without seeing a Hummer rumbling down the street. There was something mesmerizing about seeing this monstrosity of a machine roll past your own little sedan. With gas prices going haywire and environmental awareness rising, more and more people downsized; and now, you’re lucky if you see a Hummer all year long. This is what makes the Hummer Limo all the more desireable. It’s gigantic, it’s fully loaded, complete with a hot tub or pool, it’s definitely leisurely. It’s a Hummer, with all of the amenities of a Limo.

Because a party isn’t a party unless you can have it driven all over the city. Complete with strobe lights, black lights, disco balls, flat screen tv’s, velvet or satin seating, sleek designs, hooked up sound system, minibar; really, anything you need to have a great time. They really are built to entertain.

The Escalade, sigh.

Sleek, classy, impressive; it’s an all around beautiful ride. This limo ride has it all and says first class luxury. This stretch can seat eighteen to twenty of your pals or business partners and comfortably so.

Modified Limo.








In a world where the internet brings ideas  together from all over the globe, nothing is left to the imagination. It seems, nowadays, anything you can think, you can do..everything can be modified and limousines are no exception.

In researching limo mods, I found everything from Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile to Back to the Future’s Delorean. *Flux Capacitor not included.

The Mini Cooper Limo


This may sound like an oxymoron, but I assure you, it’s legit. Complete with a removable rear-end roof; this back end reveals a traveling hot tub. It may not have the dainty cuteness of a standard Mini cooper, but it’s adorably larger than life.



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