Connecticut may not be the number one choice for tourist, but with Yale University sitting in New Haven, CT, opens Connecticut to a different arena of visitors. Yale University main attractions in a CT limousine is very common and a prominent choice. A car service in Connecticut will bring to all of Yale’s main attractions in style. Yale roots date back to the 1600’s, surviving the  American Revolution and becoming on of the most affluent university in all of the world. A plethora of students and professors come from different countries, backgrounds and nationalities. Making New Haven, CT its own melting pot.

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Yale University Main Attractions In A CT Limousine

  1. Yale Art Gallery – on 1111 Chapel Street and is the country’s oldest museum of art. A must visit among visitors and residents, Yale Art Gallery is home to some of hte greatest artist including Gaugin, Hopper, Degas, Miro, Picasso, Manet, Rothko, and Lichtenstein.
  2. Yale University – one of the most pristine and affluent universities in the country, Yale University is one of the oldest and most historical universities to date. Set in the middle of New Haven, CT, Yale takes over New Haven, providing it with old architecture, a European vibe and a beautiful aesthetic. Laced in gardens or secret doors; bookstores and cafes – New Haven limo service has been the go to car service in CT for Yale University students and visitors.
  3. Yale Center for British Art – located on 1080 Chapel Street at High St, Yale Center for British Art received a certificate of excellence in 2013 and dully noted as one of the finest galleries for British art.
  4. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History – dinosaur lovers come hither! The Yale Peabody Museum is New Haven’s most beloved Natural History Museum around. Rich with history, school trips and family outings are a big thing. You we continually here ‘whoa!’ when a student or adult looks at the paleontology of the T-rex!
  5. Yale Repertory Theater – another certificate of excellence of 2013 award winners, the Yale Repertory Theater is known for having big names attached to quality shows.

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Take a Limo Service in Connecticut

Clients have chosen the Chrylser 300 CT limousine to take their parties to the theater, galleries, museums from Yale University or chosen from our vast selection of limos in CT. Calling over to a friendly representative at 203-909-6310 to get a quote is easy and quick!


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