The most beautiful churches in Connecticut still hold true to their beauty and history. When we think of gorgeous churches we may automatically think of the Sistine Chapel in Italy or the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, but CT limo service has seem some stunning chapels right in Connecticut.

The Most Beautiful Churches in Connecticut

Saint Anne’s Church in Waterbury, CT – known as the Shrine of Saint Anne and one of the most beautiful churches in Connecticut. It holds the stunning look of cathedral ceilings and the old gothic stunning look. The interior is designed beautifully and our Waterbury limo service has brought many brides and grooms to Saint Anne’s to celebrate their magical wedding day!

First Presbyterian of Greenwich – rated top 3 of the attractions in Greenwich, CT from TripAdvisor.  With its stunning exterior and undauntedly warmth with soft hues and gorgeous dark wood, First Presbyterian Church is one for the books.

 First Pres Church Greenwich CT image

St. Michael’s Parish in Litchfield, CT – set in the historical district of Litchfield, St. Michael’s Parish brings a warmth and euphoric feeling. The church has a plethora of Tiffany stained glass windows, cathedral ceilings and English Oak pews.

Center Church and Crypt in New Haven, CT – the name may be creepy but Center Church located on 311 Temple Street, is a staple in American history. The is the underground section underneath the church that was built in the Colonial times. Benedict Arnold’s first wife is buried down there. He left her when he fled to England and John Dixwell, one of the judges who condemned Charles I to death is entombed behind the building. History tells us he escaped execution by hiding out in New Haven, CT. Pretty crazy right?

Center Church New Haven CT image

Moving on to one of the next most beautiful churches in Connecticut, Cathedral of St. Joseph located on 140 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT is the last on the list but not the last in beauty. Hartford limo service has made many trips to this stunning church, not just for weddings, but also for Quinceañera, anniversaries and baptisms.

Head to church with CT Limo ServiceChurch Limo CT photo

Without a doubt church day is very important to most, and no matter what your trip maybe CT limo service is available around the clock to service it. Representatives are always welcoming and can be reached at 203-909-6310. Reservations can be done quickly and any questions at all can be answered. Choose your perfect church limousine in CT.


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