Wow Connecticut Limousine has delivered quality CT limousine service to Connecticut for years, and, to some, Connecticut might be small but for others it is a gold mine! Connecticut seems to be the ‘it’ state for filming television shows, due to its tax breaks on them. Famous names like Springer, Maury and WWE take advantage of the CT tax breaks, and shoot their drama and prime time shows for the masses.

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Top 6 Television Shows Taped in Connecticut

  1. Jerry Springer Show
  2. Deal or No Deal
  3. The Steve Wilkos Show
  4. Better Connecticut
  5. Maury
  6. WWE Programming

Most of these shows are taped in Stamford, CT and Stamford and Fairfield limo are regularly used for both residents and visitors to and from the shows. A representative at Wow Connecticut Limousine can be reached at anytime @ 203-909-6310 to reserve your CT limo!

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CT Limousine Heads To Prime Time

Prime time television never sleeps, and tourists and residents of Connecticut and Canada enjoy the opportunity of being apart of the shows audience. Limousines in CT have had the luxurious and affordable CT limos available for such occasions, like our CT 18 Passenger H2 Hummer Limousine. Equipped with your own chauffeur ,all you have to do it back and get excited for the show. You can reserve a quick quote online or call a customer service agent at 203-909-6310 and your show will begin!

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