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Historic And Interesting Events In Connecticut

The United States hold a large amount of historical data that can take days to try and list just a fraction of it.  From innovation to medicine, the US has contributed to every walk of life throughout the world in being a leading innovator that has helped humanity tackle many of it’s day to day tasks.  Connecticut, being one of the earliest states incorporated in the US, holds a clear rank in being at the forefront of innovation and of historical importance.  We bring some of the most interesting facts about the State Of Connecticut.  Many of the areas mentioned below can be visited using our car services in which a complete itinerary can be handled by our support staff.

What Is So Important About Connecticut?

What else to know about Connecticut

The above list is just a brief selection of what we picked out that we thought could be of interest.  We did not mention however, that the first measuring tape or sewing machine were also invented in Connecticut.   For more information about this historical state or to arrange a tour in many of its historic towns, wineries, colleges and universities, please don’t hesitate to contact WoW Limousines for more information or by calling us @ 203-909-6310.